alessandro albert


Proportions and times: 

These are the key elements of my work. We often have the feeling that we are in a world which is not for us, which is not of our size. We feel isolated and victims of a system we are unable to escape. But sometimes we are not even victims, because our personality is being silenced until we might not be able to feel anything. Anyway, we all sometimes have felt very tiny in our life. 

This puppet represents myself telling about human condition, playing with proportions and times. I’m trying to be ironic because there must be some seriousness in the contents, mingled with irony in forms.

The whole idea happens by chance: I’m sitting on the pavement when I find a puppet on the ground, I take a pic with my i-phone. This image makes me think. I eventually speak to Michele Guaschino for the realisation of the puppet. We have been talking about it and we decide to work as a team on our creation, made up of a puppet and a picture. Albertaciu, which is the name of the puppet, is a pun between Albert (my name) and “babaciu” which means puppet in my own local dialect.